Sweet Sentiment Beverage Napkins

Sweet Sentiment Napkin

When hours feel like minutes, you know you’re with good friends.
That’s exactly how we felt about “Patsy’s Personal Transcription” party. Patsy Bellah’s family and friends gathered to celebrate a new chapter in her life last Saturday as she prepares for her big move to Lompoc, CA. From the party planning stages to the actual awesome event–and everything in between–it all seemingly went by in a flash!

The room was filled with love and respect for our beloved Patsy. Hearing how many people she has helped, guided and mentored over the past 4 decades (!!!) didn’t surprise me at all, because I amongst the many others have experienced it as well and can’t thank her enough for her support.

Evelyn, Merle, & Annie

The venue, decorations, program, food & drink, and proclamations–everything came together beautifully. Our club color is purple, so when I saw the purple walls and cushions in the clubhouse, I had to ask Lisa (our hostess) if she had somehow worked her magic, but she said that it was just a coincidence (c’mon, Lisa…you can reveal your magic powers to us).


Proclamation Ceremony

It is always such an honor and a joy for me to work with YIPPPEEs. Someone always comes up with a great idea, and then the others embrace it and contribute even more creative ideas. We always hear “what about?” or “I can do…” but I’ve never heard anyone say “can’t” or “too busy.” Decisions are always made smoothly and cordially, and executed beautifully, regardless of any unexpected events that may arise. This party was no exception–the synergy effect was wonderful!

hugline 02

Patsy Hug Line

On a personal note, sorry folks…I didn’t mean to be a crier. I kept telling myself that this wasn’t the end of our relationship and there was nothing to be sad about, but I couldn’t help but miss her already!

Lompoc (Law-m-poke) people, watch out! Not only Patsy but also her many fans will be coming soon to your town!

Aileen, Patsy, & Carla

P.S. Our love wasn’t only confined to the party. All of the leftover food was taken to downtown LA’s skid row to feed the homeless (thank you, Chef Rollie!).