Freedom Writers did it again! YIPPPEEs did it again, too!

Hotel Maya in Long Beach

The 2014 Freedom Writers Teachers Symposium was held at the beautiful Hotel Maya in Long Beach. The purpose of the symposium was to provide a highly intensive professional development program to empower and help educators across the globe hone their craft.

As Toastmasters, we were honored to help Freedom Writers prepare for their prepared speeches, video chats, Q&A session, introductions, and much more last Saturday. (Julie, Annie, Evelyn, and Lisa — Big thank you!)


To be even more honored, we were given the opportunity to lead a one-hour Speechcraft presentation to the educators. The Speechcraft is a program to present the fundamentals of public speaking. It takes 6-8 weeks to complete the program, so Tuesday’s presentation was a mini-version of it to give attendees a glimpse what it would be like. After being introduced by Freedom Writers’ Tanya (beautiful job, Tanya!), we covered:

  • The Icebreaker: How to Speak to an Audience about Yourself (by Julie)
  • How to Introduce a Speaker (by Kathie)
  • Organize a Speech: Intro, Body, Conclusion, and Transitions (by Lisa)
  • Getting to the Point (by Annie)
  • Evaluating a Speaker (by Hellena)
  • Your Body Speaks (by Miyo)
  • Vocal Variety (by Merle)
  • How to Say It (by Merle)
  • Impromptu Speaking (by Carla)

I was amazed by each speaker’s talents, thinking “Wow…she’s really good!” and it made me feel proud to be a part of the team. Well done, everyone!

But the highlight of the evening was none other than Freedom Writers. Their preparation, commitment, execution, and achievement were above and beyond any praise that is being given here. The room was filled with excitement, and there was obvious that all of the educators were loving them and enjoying the whole experience at the Symposium.

Freedom Writers, thank you for another wonderful opportunity and your hospitality!

Freedom Writers know how to party! After the event, we danced in the sand, wearing party glow sticks.

Ice cream social in the sand with gorgeous view. What else can we wish…