Annie and Hellena

PWT did it again–a clean sweep! PWT representatives won both the Area A1 International and Evaluation Speech Contests, with Hellena Jones-Elbling winning the Evaluation Speech Contest and Ann Hastings taking top prize in the International Speech Contest.
Congratulations Ladies! Your performances were spectacular!

There is something that I love about PWT more than our members winning the speech contests, though; it is how we support each other. We can challenge ourselves and go outside of our respective comfort zones because we know that we have each others’ backs. We can reach out for help when we need it because we know that we are there for each other. Last night was no exception–PWT love filled the room, as many of us were there to support our contestants. Some proactively assumed roles in order to help out with the contest, such as our own Patsy Bellah. Although she in the midst many personal transitions, Patsy took on the Toastmaster role at the last minute because she knew that we needed help. Needless to say, she performed the task beautifully regardless of the fact that she didn’t have much time for preparation.

Area A1 International Speech Contestants Interviewed By Patsy

Area A1 International Speech Contestants Interview

I can’t thank you all enough. Bravo, PWT!

Watch out, other clubs and contest winners! Once again, PWT will bring our “A-Game” to the Division A contest on May 3rd, 2014!


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